Who We Are

Christian Counselors. Authors.

Champions of Healing.

Helping individuals and couples find healing and wholeness after the devastation of hurt and heartbreak.

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About Us

We have a heart for seeing people whole and healed from brokenness, so they can THRIVE in emotionally healthy relationships.

ANNND we LOVE pizza. Like A LOT… It’s our Love Language. Don’t Judge Us.

Leveraging their education in Theology, psychology, and Christian Counseling, together they have designed counseling services, books, and virtual programs to help individuals and couples break toxic relationship habits and learn the habits of healthy love.

Today, their book, Journey to Freedom, The Soul-Ties® Detox, has been used in singles ministries, small groups, book clubs to help bring healing to local communities.

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Our Specialties

We love people and we believe that all people deserve a safe place to share their hearts and concerns and find help in their times of need. And while we wish we could help EVERYONE, we understand that we have our limitations and will always point you in the right direction if we feel we don't have the tools that you need for your situation. Below is a list of what we specialize in.


For those seeking help after heartbreak or a divorce, or experiencing hurt within their marriage.


For those seeking to prepare their hearts and minds for a lifetime of relationship health, we are SYMBIS and MBTI Certified and use these tools to guide you into your future.


For those seeking to learn how to forgive and love again after this ultimate heartbreak.


For those seeking a PRACTICAL approach to communication in a way that helps you communicate better and avoid unhealthy conflict.


For those seeking to better understand the dating minefield so they can protect their hearts while searching for lasting love.

Self Love

For those seeking to learn to avoid toxic relationships by beginning with loving themselves again.

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